One weekend at the beach, two friends were having a casual chat about their individual projects, and other things you talk about while at the beach. Before long they realised their projects overlapped.  


That’s how 698 was born. Like a small fire that someone had thrown fuel on, it burst into a fully realised idea. On this cold day an all-inclusive, local to Melbourne brand came into existence.


Our brand values community and all the things that come with it. Those long night’s you pull to go watch your mates band play. That early morning run that you need to do as your sporting team has endeavored to take home that trophy this year. Your personal goals, you want that promotion. Even small conversations with a friend you have not talked to in a while. It all matters to us, as that is how we came to be here today.


698 is a festival of everything we love. Design, good times with friends, stylish gear and we could go on forever. We love doing limited runs to keep life interesting so keep this page book- marked.


You won’t get bored with us.